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Disney has given us these beautiful stories that always end well. And now Hallmark has joined the party with formulaic episodes where boy meets girl, the hard stuff happens outside of the episode, and ultimately the couple ends up happily together after working through their issues. Should your relationship mimic fairytales? Of course not, but you can write your own story and work through the hard stuff together.

Determine as a couple what you want your relationship to be. Give it a title like “The Long and Worth It Road”, “Always & Forever”, “The UnDisney Tale of Love”, “The Couple Who Could”. Work on it. Determine and write down your 3-5 non-negotiables as individuals and then as couples. Work toward your title every day and make it happen.

Give • Forgive • Live Lesson™: Communicate. Work toward your couple goal that you developed together. Give, forgive and live knowing that there will be struggles and that you will overcome them together.


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